Steel and stainless steel bolts, screws, washers and nuts

The marmech company sells threaded fasteners made from the following materials:

  • stainless steel, acid resistant steel
  • polished stainless steel, polished acid resistant steel
  • carbon steel in zinc coating, in chromium coating
  • carbon steel polished chrome cover


  • sets of bolts for assembling motorcycles and cars

Installation kit "veteran"

Kits for assembling components highways veterans - mopeds and motorcycles of the last century..

Sets contain details about the size and characteristics of taking into account all the nuances of building a specific model veteran, i.e. version, year, etc. To a specially-made pattern of original, unusual items included.


Exclusive offer are polished stainless steel details, which look very impressive while maintaining strength characteristics and nominal dimensions consistent with the technological requirements.